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Digital Art Conference Antwerp

March 27, 2021
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Free online event for digital artists

DAC-ANT will host its first online event for digital artists on March 27, 2021. For this free edition of the conference we’re inviting six artists for one full day of talks. Be sure to join the live stream to ask questions and hang out with us!

Line Up


Multidimensional Design


Jan Daghelinckx

VFX Supervisor



3D Artist


Sava Zivkovic

VFX Artist & Director


Miguel Iglesias

Concept Artist


To Be Announced

More Info Soon


Event Info

One day, six speakers. DAC-ANT will be hosted by the CGIF crew to bring you closer to awesome artists and their passion for the craft.


DAC-ANT builds on the previous editions of the Digital Art Conference in Frankfurt. After two successful editions the Digital Art Conference moves to Antwerp. Originally slated for a physical conference, we’re now presenting this in an online format, free for everyone to join!


Speaker Details

Tanja Nikolić-Vogel (ALT/SHIFT)

Tanja Nikolić-Vogel is a multidimensional designer. Her digital life changed with her interior design studies. Why? Actually she got her first computer at the age of 19. Hanging out in that reality was just way more fun. And until now there is a huge antipathy against social networks…

So fortunately there is Patrick – happy to be fighting at the front of the office and taking care of all the nerdy sh**. Good cop, bad cop – thanks to her Interior Designer career – handling design, projects, clients and a lot of excel charts juggling time and money – the bad cop seems to suit her. So this is her job besides doing 3D and all these fancy & weird things they do.

Patrick Vogel (ALT/SHIFT)

Patrick Vogel is a multidimensional designer. He started his career by studying architecture and design. At that time, he focused on parametric design and wrote the first German book about Rhinoceros and Grasshopper regarding architecture and form finding. Later he worked as head architect of digital architecture, and as a brand architect.

But being employed was not his thing, so he founded ALT/SHIFT with his interior designer wife Tanja to do what they love: Everything. From architectural visualization to interior- or corporate design. From super boring to fancy and weird. End of story? Hopefully not!

Jan Daghelinckx

Jan Daghelinckx is a VFX Supervisor from Antwerp and currently managing vfx for film and television at ACE, TheFridge and Nozon.

Hrvoje “Chop” Čop

Chop has been in or around 3D since elementary school – professionally since the early 2000s. After freelancing and doing all sorts of odd jobs for years, together with Dean Niskota he founded Polymachine – Croatia’s premier visualization company, where he serves as CTO.

His primary interests lie in the technical aspects of CG, solving production problems and figuring out ways to get stuff done. He has too many hobbies to count, yet time for none of them. He also loves to talk a lot (often too much), so he’s given talks at many CG events worldwide, focusing a lot on giving newcomers to the industry a look into things often left unsaid.

Sava Zivkovic

Sava Zivkovic is a Director based in Belgrade, Serbia. Born in 1989, he graduated from the Belgrade University of Arts in the department of Interior and Furniture design in 2012. Having developed a strong passion for film and animation, he decides to take on this career path and focuses on all things motion picture. He has a strong belief in devoting time to personal projects, has received several awards and recognitions from the CG industry and has also given back to the industry by publishing some of his insights and behind the scenes processes from his personal projects. In late 2017 he started his directing career at Axis Studios and continues the collaboration with Glasgow based studio, working on AAA game cinematics as well as never ending development of personal IP’s.

Miguel Iglesias

Miguel Iglesias is a freelance concept artist and illustrator with almost 20 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry: cinema, video games, tv etc. He works for triple A and indie games, working both in production and pre production, but also in development of new franchises for different studios and publishers. Some of the projects he has worked on are Far Cry3, The Division 1 and 2, GhostRecon Breakpoint to name a few. Part of his clients are Ubisoft, Games Workshop, Wizard of the Coast, Focus Interactive, Six more Vodka, Axis studios among many others. He also works as an art instructor for CGMA teaching his own course and is currently developing his own IP.


Check back soon for more info!

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